Down The Home Stretch
  • Nov 16, 2022 7:00 am
  • 31:08 mins
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BYU Football only needs one win to become bowl eligible. But their opponent, Utah Tech, is just happy they get to play a team like BYU. The Trailblazers started as a junior college and are now playing Division 1 FCS football. Ken Beazer, the school's executive director of intercollegiate athletics, says playing against the Cougars does wonders for his team's image. But how many more FCS teams should BYU play in the future? Lauren and Cleon get into it on the podcast. Plus, former Cougar QB Marc Lyons talks about Edwards Stadium before it expanded 40 years ago. And cross country runner Brandon Garnica stops by to talk about running, unicycling, and playing Fortnite.