Thanksgiving Bonus: An Evening with Storyteller Bill Harley

The Apple Seed - Season 2, Episode 40

  • Nov 24, 2022 1:00 pm
  • 52:50 mins

It's Thanksgiving! Here at the Apple Seed, we are thankful for stories of all kinds. We love to share stories that can help spark memories for you that you can share with the people that you love. Today's episode is full of Bill Harley stories! Bill joined us in the Apple Seed studio with our live studio audience for an evening of wonderful storytelling, and we are excited to share those stories with you today. From music and singing, to old childhood memories, you're sure to find a story in this episode that tugs at your heartstrings. Enjoy an episode full of Bill Harley on today's episode of The Apple Seed. (2:14) "Everybody's A Baby About Something" by Bill Harley: In this musical story, Bill Harley shares an important lesson for all of us to remember--everyone has something that gets to them. No matter how silly or strange it may seem, we all have feelings. It's always worth it to be kind to those around us because we never know what they may be going through. We hope this fun and silly song helps you remember this important lesson. (9:23) "Happy Birthday Mrs. Nottingham" by Bill Harley: As a kid, your birthday is a magical day that's full of all your favorite things. After all, everyone loves birthdays! That is, except for Bill Harley's teacher, Mrs. Nottingham. When a rumor leaks about her turning 50 years old, Bill finds himself in a tricky situation. What will happen when his teacher finds out the truth about who told everyone about her birthday? Listen to this story to find out! (30:16) "Girl from Riverton" by Sam Payne: There are many milestones that we go through as we get older. One that we most commonly experience as a teenage is our first dance with that special person we've had our eye on. In Sam's case, this experience had kept him past his curfew. When he met a girl at a church dance, he just lost track of the time, and found himself in an awkward encounter with his dad. Later on down the road, Sam has learned to see that story from a new point of view, and wrote this song to tell it. (37:14) "Borrowing the Car" by Bill Harley: This short story from Bill Harley shows the unique relationship parents and teenagers can have with one another when it comes to curfew. As frustrating as it may be, parents are usually set these boundaries out of a love and worry for their children. When Bill's son didn't come home on time, Bill thought of a response that would help teach his son to come home by curfew from then on. (40:31) "The Cow That Ate The Piper" by Bill Harley: In this traditional Scottish tale, Bill Harley tells the story of a man named Willy McPhee, who is a piper. Willy always seems to find himself in interesting situations, but he cleverly finds a way out each time. When he needs to find food and a place to stay, he knows just the trick to make it work. We hope you enjoy listening to the antics of Willy McPhee, told from Bill Harley, in the Apple Seed studio.