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World Events and Turkey’s Currency Crisis Explained, Face-Recognizing Software Helps Kids With Autism Communicate, Great-Grandaughter Fights to Properly Honor Ida B. Wells

Top of Mind with Julie Rose
  • Aug 22, 2018
  • 01:42:23

World Events: Turkey, Nicaragua, and Israel Guest: Quinn Mecham, PhD, Professor of Political Science, Brigham Young University Regular contributor Quinn Mecham discusses current world events including the currency crisis in Turkey and Iran, protests in Nicaragua, and nation-state law in Israel. College Classrooms Surveyed, Biases Identified Guest: Jeremiah Wills, PhD, Associate Professor, Political Science & Sociology Department, Queens University of Charlotte College campuses have long been a battleground for political ideology. Students and faculty protest visiting speakers that are too liberal or too conservative – depending on the bent of the campus community. So what about inside classrooms, where the whole point is to explore new ideas and learn to think critically? Do all political viewpoints get an equal chance to be heard? Phone Spying Guest: Elleen Pan, Software Engineer Have you ever been talking about something with friends and all of a sudden you notice that you start getting ads for that thing on your Facebook feed? For years, there’s been a rumor that your phone is listening to everything you say and using that information. So, some researchers decided to find out if it was true. They looked at 17,000 apps for Android phones. And for half of those apps, yes, your phone is spying on you. The Apple Seed Guest: Sam Payne, Host of The Apple Seed Sam Payne of The Apple Seed shares a story. Face-Recognizing Software Helps Kids With Autism Communicate  Guest: Dennis Wall, PhD, Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Biomedical Data Science, Stanford University School of Medicine  Children with autism often have trouble recognizing emotion in the faces of people around them, which poses a major obstacle to social interaction and making friends. Researchers at Stanford University have experimented with giving the kids high-tech glasses that can help them interpret facial expressions. And it has worked well in a pilot study.  Great-Grandaughter Fights to Properly Honor Ida B. Wells Guest: Michelle Duster, Author, "Ida From Abroad," Speaker, Lecturer of Business Writing, Columbia College Chicago The courageous African American journalist who was born enslaved near the end of the Civil War, sued a railroad for discrimination, and risked her life to expose the violence of lynching in the Jim Crow South, may soon have a proper memorial to her legacy. A driving force behind honoring Ida B. Wells is her great granddaughter, Michelle Duster, who is a lecturer at Columbia College Chicago and member of the Ida B. Wells Memorial Foundation. Show More...

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