Constructive Wallowing
  • Nov 13, 2014 10:00 pm
  • 1:31:06 mins

Matt and Tina Gilbertson discuss the importance of taking time to wallow. Tina argues that wallowing could be beneficial to people. Wallowing welcomes the idea that feelings are okay to be felt. Many people become uncomfortable with negative emotions in other people when the fact is, you don't actually have the power to feel the way you want to. Tina suggests, "You can choose your attitude, you can choose your outlook, you can choose your thoughts maybe, but that's not the same as choosing your feelings." She suggests that we let our negative emotions come and go as they will instead of struggling and fighting the emotions.  Contributor Sarah Gowans talks with Matt about helping kids get out of a funk. Sarah suggests parents can support their children, and help them get out of the funk, just by talking with them. This requires that parents practice good listening skills.