Starting a Family Band

Starting a Family Band

The Lisa Show

Starting a Family Band and Early Memories

Episode: Starting a Family Band and Early Memories

  • Mar 11, 2021 1:00 pm
  • 16:56 mins

The pandemic has created a lot of space for us to pursue our interests and explore our creativity! People are renovating their homes, starting up hobbies they’ve never had time for, and chasing dreams. During the months leading up to and during the pandemic, 2 brothers, Cade and Rhett Murdock, decided to do something they’d always wanted to do... start a family garage band. *Lisa can talk about how she’s always wanted to start a family band* The band is called Toothpicks and they’ve recorded two albums and experimented with socially distant live shows to promote their music. We’re inspired by how they’ve been able to take a difficult time and use it to pursue their dreams and have fun. They join us today to discuss their experience.