From Reader to Writer

From Reader to Writer

Worlds Awaiting - Season 3, Episode 14 , Segment 1

From Reader to Writer, Expanded Library

Episode: From Reader to Writer, Expanded Library

  • Apr 23, 2018 5:30 pm
  • 12:46 mins

Just because you love to read doesn’t mean you love to write. Obviously, the advantages of reading are many – opening new worlds of thought and meaning, providing entertainment and refuge, expanding our horizons. But here’s a plus to reading we often overlook: How about helping us become better writers? Our first guest – Educator and writer, Mary Bigler confirms this. Books (from picture books to novels) can actually become a child’s mentor – giving them opportunities to imitate an author as they are learning how to write. Once a pre-school teacher and now a professor, Mary Bigler has spent her life promoting literacy and celebrating the joys of teaching. She’s an award-winning professor in the Department of Teacher Education at Eastern Michigan University and, author of Lessons Learned.