Classic Myths
  • May 1, 2021
  • 56:50 mins

It’s time for the Apple Seed! Some time every day filled with stories for you and your family. Today we are bringing you a collection of mythology stories from all over the world, including Greece, Persia, Egypt, and more. All kinds of tales from all kinds of tellers. Coming up, we have a variety of myths told in all kinds of ways for you to enjoy. Today we’ll be hearing from storytellers like Willy Claflin, Fran Stallings, Milbre Burch, and The Storytellers. On today’s episode of The Apple Seed, enjoy the following stories: “Pegamoose and the Gorgonzola Medusa” by Willy Claflin from Maynard Moose Live at the Storytelling Festival (2:49) Radio Family Journal: "Motorcycle" by Sam Payne (17:09) The Daily Mix: "Falling in Love with Food" with Colton Soelberg (22:26) “The Naga” by The Storytellers from Gather Round the Fire (30:23) “Good? Bad? Midas” by Fran Stallings from Stories and Songs for a Green Earth (45:22) “Rhodopis” Milbre Burch from If the Shoe Fits: Cinderella Stories from Around the World (48:52)