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Changing Lives through the Arts, Finances between Spouses, Interior Design Dos and Don'ts

The Lisa Show
  • Mar 18, 2019
  • 01:40:13

Magic Yarn Project (00:00) Have you ever felt like you just don’t have the skill set to help make a difference in the world? Holly Christensen shares how she was able to take her ability to crochet to help create wigs for boys and girls struggling with cancer. Changing Lives through the Arts (17:42) Charles Moore, operations manager of RTA, shares how bringing the arts into a prison setting can help teach valuable life skills that can help participants find future success. Finances between Spouses (34:37) Do you and your spouse often bicker about finances? Financial expert Jeff Hill shares the secret to successful financial conversations in marriage. Interior Design Dos and Don’ts (50:00) Carrie Ann Rhodes shares the best ways to create a living space that both looks great and feel great. Find out how to create a home where things are functional and fashionable. Outside of Your Comfort Zone (1:24:57) Why is it so important to step outside of our comfort zones? Forbes Council high performance coach, Amie Devero, talks about why we are often told to break out of our comfort zones and whether we should heed this advice or not. Show More...

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