Alone on the Wall

Alone on the Wall

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Housing First, Alone on the Wall

Episode: Housing First, Alone on the Wall

  • Dec 4, 2015 10:00 pm
  • 50:55 mins

Guest: Alex Honnold, Expert Rock Climber and Co-Author of “Alone on the Wall”  At 30 years old, Alex Honnold may be the most famous climber in the world.  But not the kind of climbing so popular at gyms these days, with ropes and safety harnesses.  Honnold’s claim to fame is free-soloing. He ascends cliffs – often more than a thousand feet of vertical granite or sandstone – with nothing but his fingers and his feet. No ropes. No partner. No net. He won’t grab onto bolts that other climbers might have placed in the wall.  When Honnold is free-soloing, the equation is simple: If he falls, he dies.