Census, Baby Bonds, Live Theater
  • Aug 10, 2020 8:00 pm
  • 1:44:31 mins

Census 2020 at Critical Juncture, Facing Political Pressure (0:30) Guest: D’Vera Cohn, Senior Writer/Editor, Immigration and Demographics, Pew Research Center So far a third of US households have not completed the 2020 Census and the government says it’s going to stop counting at the end of September. What if people get left out? And what happens if President Trump gets his wish to see undocumented immigrants cut from the totals that determine how many seats in Congress each state gets? Connolly Family Cooks Up a “Reading Rainbow” for Today’s Youth (17:59) Guest: Nathan Connolly, Professor of History, Johns Hopkins University What do you get when there are two professors of history and Africana studies cooped up at home for months under quarantine with their three energetic kids? Mix in a long-time love of the show “Reading Rainbow” and you get storytime. Baby Bonds Could Bring Balance to the Force (34:52) Guest: Darrick Hamilton, Executive Director, Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity, Professor of Public Affairs, The Ohio State University The typical white family in America has about $170,00 in wealth–that includes savings accounts and equity in a home. By contrast, the typical black family has just $17,000 in wealth–effectively 10-cents for every dollar a white family has. One idea to close this racial wealth gap is giving every baby in the US an investment account at birth. All babies would get one–regardless of race. Fish Eggs Spread Far and Wide by Waterfowl (52:49) Guest: Andy Green, Professor, Estacion Biologica de Donana, Spain, and University of Manchester, UK How do fish end up in remote, isolated crater lakes or desert lakes or wetland ponds that pop up temporarily in farm fields during the rainy season? These bodies of water are totally landlocked–fish should not be there and that’s long baffled biologists. One thing we can say for sure-the fish aren’t flying to there. Except, maybe they are. Though not on their own steam. They may be hitching a ride in the poop of waterfowl. The Show Must Go On-line! (1:11:25) Guest: Tom Robson, Professor of Theatre and Dance, Millikin University The Broadway musical Hamilton has set records for the most expensive tickets–over $1000 for a premium seat during the holidays. And for resale? Sometimes thousands of dollars. So up until a month ago, you either had to have a large chunk of change to spare or be really lucky to see the production. But now, you can watch Lin-Manuel Miranda perform whenever you want on Disney+. With a Broadway hit now available to the masses and so many theatres closed due to the pandemic, the theatre industry is undergoing a big change. How to Help Teens Avoid Toxic Relationships (1:29:17) Guest: Elizabeth Mumford, Principal Research, NORC at the University of Chicago Nearly half of US teens have been stalked or harassed by someone they’re dating. Almost as many teens say they’ve been the one doing the stalking or harassing.