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Challenging your Self Assumptions, Reduce Plastic Waste, Progressing as Parents, Prepping for the New Year, Great Movie Books, Air Pollution

The Lisa Show
  • Dec 19, 2019
  • 01:41:12

Challenging your Self Assumptions (0:00:00) Thoughts of “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not as creative as that person”, or “I don’t have the resources that professionals do” can be dangerous for our life ambitions. These ideas are especially hard to deal with because they come from a very intimate place – our own mind! So what are these self-limiting mindsets, and how do we deal with them? Joining us is Christopher K. Lee, a healthcare consultant and owner of the career consulting firm, Purpose Redeemed. He’s here to talk with us about some of those negative mindsets and how we can change them to be positive. Reduce Plastic Waste (0:17:17) Imagine all the plastic products you’ve used today—ziplock bags, plastic wrap, tupperware containers—and imagine how much of that is going to end up in our oceans. Each person in the United States produces 220 POUNDS of plastic waste every year. And that’s just on average! According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, about 8 MILLION metric TONS of plastic enter the ocean each year—that weighs more than 90 aircraft carriers! What can we do to reduce this? With us is Mill McCleary, the Executive Program Director for Florida’s non-profit ocean-protection organization, Reef Relief. Progressing as Parents (0:32:08) Do you ever have moments as a parent when you just feel stuck? Either stuck in your routine, stuck emotionally, or even stuck physically? I think we all have. Joining us is creator of the Mother Flipping Awesome podcast, Abigail Wald, to share how we can get out of our rut and progress as parents. Prepping for the New Year (0:50:37) We know Christmas is on everyone’s mind right now, but do you know what Christmas really means? That the New Year is just around the corner! The new year is a great opportunity for setting goals and making big changes in your life, but those things are sometimes easier said than done aren’t they? Here to talk to us about how we can prepare to make this new year great is Valoire Burton—bestselling author and certified personal life coach. Mini Book Club: Great Movie Books (1:08:14) Rachel Wadham, host of Worlds Awaiting, shares some of the best books that became great movies. Air Pollution (1:24:53) Ever have those days where you wake up and you can’t tell if it’s going to rain or if the air quality is just that bad? Air pollution is a serious issue, but it’s also such a large issue that it seems just completely out of our control to do anything about it… or is it? Here to share with us her tips for a few things we can do to help reduce air pollution is Dr. Erica Dodds, chief operating officer of the Foundation for Climate Restoration. Show More...

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