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90&9 Nonprofit, The Wedding Hashers, CareMother, Entrepreneurship and Real Estate, Addiction Recovery, Candy in the Household

The Lisa Show
  • Oct 15, 2019
  • 01:41:09

90&9 Organization (0:00:00) Can you imagine what it would be like to train with a Mexican circus troupe in a tent every day, tumbling from the ceiling on just a cloth ribbon or dancing on a trapeze? Being a circus performer is what every kid dreams of but Darla Day actually lived it. Circus performing might be more than what we pictured growing up, though. It’s not just happy clowns and cotton candy… despite living her dream, Darla also felt burdened with that sadness and self-doubt that cripples many of us. That’s when she decided to use her performing talents to help others who struggle with similar challenges in life. Darla Day is a professional model, actor, singer, dancer, and aerialist and joins us to talk about how she’s seen lives transformed through her non-profit, 90&9. You can find the music from her show, "Fighter," on Spotify. The Wedding Hashers (0:14:55) If you are planning to get married in New York, you might be lucky enough to have some surprise guests in your wedding pictures. The Wedding Hashers are a group of runners whorun past the Brooklyn Bridge andtake pictures with as many weddings and recently married couples as possible. But don’t worry about them ruining your wedding aesthetic! The runners wear custom made tuxedo running shirts, so they’ll fit right in! Marc Alterman and his fellow Wedding Hashers join us today to share their experiences running into couples and taking pictures. CareMother (0:35:24) Today over 45,000 women and 750,000 babies die during childbirth every year in India. This devastating reality has inspired organizations to find creative solutions to improve maternal-infant health where medical care is sparse. Today we have Gajanan Shewale from CareMother, to share how his organization has used technology to save mothers and infants in rural India. Entrepreneurship and Real Estate (0:50:34) The American Dream is a sentiment that’s founded on the fact that our country is crawling with small businesses and entrepreneurs. And you aren’t the only one that’s been hearing a buzz about the thrill and potential of getting into real estate. But what really goes into entrepreneurship and especially the real estate business? How can we avoid being scammed, scamming others or just jumping on the bandwagon? Here to guide us through some of our hesitations withhis own experiences with entrepreneurship and real estate is Brian P. Simon, author of "The Real Estate Journey: From Dreaming and Home Buying to Realty and Entrepreneurship"—out today! Recovery is the Greatest Success (1:05:14) Imagine having a wildly successful career in the limelight with all the perks you could imagine. Sounds pretty fantastic, right? Well, what if you added the aspect of hitting absolute rock bottom in another part of your life when you’re right on top? Darren Prince is a sports and celebrity agent with over twenty years of experience in the industry representing big-name athletes and celebrities. Even with all the other successes he’s had in his life, he says his proudest achievement is being a recovering addict having celebrated 11 years sober. Candy in the Household (1:22:31) Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Signe Darpinian talks with Lisa about what we can do to avoid eating too much candy in the weeks after Halloween. You can read Ellen Satter's article mentioned by Dr. Signe here. Show More...

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