Helping Children Appreciate Music, Bibliotherapy

Helping Children Appreciate Music, Bibliotherapy

Worlds Awaiting - Season 1, Episode 27

  • Aug 27, 2016 6:00 pm
  • 28:56 mins
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Helping Children Appreciate Music (3:22) The world of literacy meets the world of music, today on Worlds Awaiting. How do we help children learn about music and appreciate it? Today Rachel visits with music educator, Jennifer Purdy.   Naturally, the child’s home environment is going to be crucial. And it’s not just about formal music lessons either. Jennifer Purdy has been a music educator for over 30 years and believes she’s got the happiest job in the world. She currently teaches music at Highland Park Elementary in Salt Lake City, Utah and also works with the BYU ARTS Partnership program. For nearly a decade Jennifer Purdy has also been a composer-consultant for Utah Opera Company and writes original operas with elementary school children.  Bibliotherapy (14:50) Next, if you’re already a big-time reader, you’ve probably already experienced it. But, quite possibly, you never knew it had a name. It’s called Bibliotherapy. Rachel talks to Associate professor, Melissa Heath and Graduate Student, Katie Smith, both in BYU’s Department of Psychology, about using books and literature as a way to pursue emotional healing and growth. Children Reading Poetry (26:28) We finish up the show today with children reading poetry. Gina Clark, a poet herself and “story lady” at the Orem, Utah Library, gathers some of her own children together to read poetry by Janet Wong.”

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