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Teens Teach Tech, Getting out of a Rut, Plants at Home, Writing Therapy, Great Pacific Garbage Patch, Fall Hair Trends

The Lisa Show
  • Oct 6, 2020
  • 01:45:24

Teens Teach Technology (0:00:00) Quarantine has made us more dependent on technology than ever before. But during this transition to near completely virtual lives, what about the generation that doesn’t have the same knowledge about technology that we do? Many of these older adults are being left behind without any opportunities to learn how to use these devices. This is the mission of Teens Teach Technology, a youth organization led by teenagers dedicated to teaching older adults how to properly use their technology. Today, we’re joined by their founder, Asmita Mittal, and Nicole Lau, their head of PR. They’re here to talk with us about their efforts to make us more media literate. Getting Out of a Rut (0:19:32) Lisa and Richie talk about what they do when they feel like they’re getting stuck in a rut. Plant Propagation at Home (0:35:30) They’ve taken up residence in the corners of our rooms, on our windowsills, and hanging from our ceilings—houseplants... they now fill our homes. And while plant ownership might have started as a trend, it has now firmly taken root in our culture. But what if you could do more than you might have thought with your favorite houseplants? Plant propagation is one way you can expand your houseplant operations. So, we invited Darryl Cheng on the show to tell us more about it. He’s the author of The New Plant Parent and creator of House Plant Journal. I’m Not a Juvenile Delinquent (0:52:44) “There is a balm in Gilead” or so the verse goes. In the context of the New Testament, the balm is a reference to spiritual medicine. But for Sharon Charde and the girls of Touchstone residential treatment center, it took the form of medicine of a literary nature. For 10 years, Sharon conducted weekly writing therapy sessions with the girls of Touchstone. Here to discuss her experiences and that of the girls of Touchstone is Sharon Charde, licensed professional counselor and author of I am not a Juvenile Delinquent. Great Pacific Garbage Patch (1:13:57) Everyone knows that plastic enters the ocean in large amounts every year. But did you know that there is so much plastic that enters the ocean that there is an entire island of it in the Pacific Ocean? This is called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and island might not even be the correct word to describe it as there is enough plastic to make up many islands. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch grows in size each year and has become an extreme problem. Nancy Wallace, a member of the National Ocean Service, is here today to help us better understand the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and how it affects us. Fall Hair Trends (1:27:34) Today’s hair trends tend to not be as dramatic as the Farrah Fawcett look, but we still have them nonetheless. In the summer, people cut their hair short and get brightly colored highlights. But what are the hair trends during the fall? Today, we’ve invited friend of the show and instructor for L’oreal Professionnel, Michelle Lindsay, on the show to tell us all we need to know about 2020’s fall hair trends. Show More...

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