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Becoming a Grateful Family, Native American History, Traeger Turkeys, Thanksgiving Story, Being Addicted to Saying Yes, Black Friday

The Lisa Show
  • Nov 27, 2019
  • 01:41:13

Becoming a Grateful Family (0:00:00) For the parents out there, how happy do you feel when you hear your kids sincerely tell you “thank you”? We hear the word “grateful” quite a bit around the Thanksgiving season as we come together to give thanks for what we have. Gratitude naturally makes us cheerful and reflective - it’s the reason why November feels so special to many. But how can we keep that spirit of gratitude in our homes at all times? We are talking about how we can cultivate feelings of gratitude within our own families with keynote speaker and former camp counselor Audrey Monke. Native American History (0:15:20) Have you ever wondered how the people lived at the time of the first Thanksgiving? We’ve all heard the stories of pilgrims and Native Americans, but how much do we really know? With us is Jeff Not Help Him, a speaker from the Oglala Sioux tribe of the Lakota people. He’s going to teach us about what life is and was like for our Native neighbors.  Traeger Turkeys (0:35:59) Now keep in mind that I am all for stuffing and pecan pie when I say this, but do you ever find yourself yearning for something unique to eat on Thanksgiving? Something different than the same five dishes we’ve had every year of our lives? Me too! Lucky for us, we live in a world of innovative people who find ways to make classic meals a little more exciting. One of these people is Amanda Haas, a cook, cookbook author and recipe developer from Traeger Grills, and she’s here with us to share how we can switch up our Thanksgiving meal by cooking almost all of it on the grill. Thanksgiving Story (0:50:37) Sam Payne, host of The Apple Seed, shares a special Thanksgiving Story. Being Addicted to Saying Yes (1:05:26) Stress. You feel it in your shoulders, your neck, your brain is on fire with it, and you can’t run away. Every time you go to work, think about work, or even say the word “work,” the stress returns, but if you want to be successful, you have to keep taking on more, right? Wrong. Dr. Ivan Misner, a PH.D. in Organizational Behavior says, “The reality is, the more you say ‘yes’ to things that don’t excite you, the less you will accomplish and the more burned out and unhappy you will become.” So how can we say no while still being successful and not looking like a jerk? We’ve invited Dr. Misner onto the show to tell us how.  Black Friday (1:26:33) Black Friday is almost here so it’s time to start circling ads and screenshotting coupons! With the majority of stores offering their biggest discounts of the year, shopping during Black Friday can be stressful and overwhelming. If you really want to get the best deals, you have to shop smarter than ever. Kristin McGrath is the editor and shopping expert for? She’s with us to share all the Black Friday tips that we need to know this year! Show More...

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