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Digital Threats

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Nuclear Iran, Opposites Attract, Hollywood Diversity

Episode: Nuclear Iran, Opposites Attract, Hollywood Diversity

  • Mar 31, 2015 9:00 pm
  • 18:40 mins

(1:12:38) Guest: Jeffrey Price, associate professor at the Metropolitan State University of Denver in the Department of Aviation and Aerospace Science, and the owner of Leading Edge Strategies, a top aviation management training and consulting company Investigators and families of those who died in the Germanwings plane crash last week continue to seek answers. In the initial stages, many leapt to one of two conclusions – either the plane had malfunctioned or it was brought down by an act of terror. Investigators now say a different type of event caused that disaster. They believe that a mentally ill copilot crashed the plane intentionally. We may never know exactly why. The possibility of a terror event – while not the culprit in this incident – is causing increasing problems for airlines. As it turns out, a terrorist doesn’t even have to be on board a plane to disrupt a flight. Since mid-January, airlines report a spike in fake bomb threats made over social media that have led to numerous flights being delayed, diverted or cancelled.