Great Lengths For Love

Great Lengths For Love

The Apple Seed

  • Feb 15, 2018 7:00 pm
  • 58:21 mins
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Over the top gestures, begging on your knees, or soliciting the help of an unlikely other. Would you do any of these things if it was for love? The Stone Before the Door by Jill Lamede (1:14) In order to be united with his one true bride a wealthy merchant must move a large stone poised before the door. Learn more about Jill Lamede by visiting: Willy's Lady by Dan Keding (11:44) King Willy marries a lovely lady whom everyone loves but his mother, the evil witch, because she is jealous of her. She curses her with an endless labor when King Willy's child is ready to be born and it's up to Willy to figure out how to break the curse. Learn more about Dan Keding by visiting: Collected Stories From BYU Students (20:06) The Frog Prince by Tim Ereneta (27:05) Would you kiss a frog for love? Learn more about Tim Ereneta by visiting: The Crane Wife by Zette Harbour (34:20) A Japanese man rescues an injured crane. Later, a beautiful woman shows up at his house and tells him that she is his wife. During the winter, when they are low on money, she weaves cloths for her husband to sell. Whenever she does so, she makes him promise not to look at her while she works. One night the man gives in to his curiosity. Learn more about Zette Harbour by visiting: Sleeping Beastly by Willy Claflin (44:50) A Maynard Moose rendition of Sleeping Beauty. Learn more about Willy Claflin by visiting:

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