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YOUnique Foundation, Preparing Gardens for Winter, Stop Criticizing Yourself, Treasure Island 2020, Self-Knowing, Hoarding

The Lisa Show
  • Oct 1, 2019
  • 01:41:11
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YOUnique Foundation (0:00:00) If you know anyone who has suffered from trauma, you know the feeling of wanting to help. Sometimes we see our loved ones withdraw, struggle at work or school, act out, or avoid particular situations. How do we help victims of trauma regain their self-esteem? Well, one beauty business is reaching out to tackle this challenge. Younique is a line of beauty products that aims to uplift, empower, and validate women around the world. They’ve decided to use their corporate influence to help women who have suffered sexual abuse rediscover their inner and outer beauty. Executive Director, Chris Yay-din, joins us to give us a glimpse of the inner workings of the Younique Foundation and its healing resources. Preparing a Garden for Winter (0:14:37) Gardening takes a lot of work. For a lot of people it is their pride and joy. Spring and summer are busy times planting, weeding, and caring for your garden, and once fall rolls around and your garden is all harvested, it can be easy to start slaking off. But...taking a few extra steps now in fall to prepare for the winter can help save a lot of work in come spring. Luke Marion, founder of MIgardener, joins us to share some tips on how to prep our gardens for winter. Stop Criticizing Yourself (0:35:51) Have you ever wondered how you can help your kids feel more confident and have a positive body image? It turns out that many of the ways in which you talk to and treat yourself affect the way in which your kids see themselves. Dr. Marisol Perez, associate professor from Arizona State University joins us today to share how parents can greatly aid their children in seeing themselves and others in a positive light. Treasure Island 2020 (0:50:36) We know you love listening to podcasts--but are there podcasts that your kids can enjoy as well? Maybe something that you could even listen to together?Lucky for you, our friends over at the Apple Seed have been working in collaboration with Gen-Z Media on something perfect for the whole family. I was lucky to be a part of it myself, and we’re all so excited to share it with you! Here to tell us more about it, is David Kreizman and Chris Tarry, Peabody-award-winning creators of serialized adventure podcasts like “The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel,” and “Six Minutes,” who have been working with BYU Radio to produce Treasure Island—a ten-episode listening adventure based on Robert Lewis Stevenson’s classic novel, airing on BYU Radio with fall. Self-Knowing (1:05:10) You chuck your phone down in defeat. Again. Instagram, work, parenting –it doesn’t feel like you’re good enough in any aspect of your life. Ganel-Lyn Condie is an advocate for “self-knowing,” which she defines as “knowing or understanding of one's own capabilities, character, feelings, or motivations.” We welcome her onto the show to talk about how we can cultivate “self-knowing” in our own lives. Hoarding (1:25:58) People acquire belongings for all sorts of reasons. But after a while, possessions can pile up and overwhelmus. Hoarding disorder can cause problems with health, relationships and safety so it’s important to know how to avoid this dangerous behavior. Elaine Birchall is a hoarding behavior specialist and clutter coach. She’s going to tell us the characteristics of hoarding and how we can overcome them. Show More...

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