Earth Day 2018
  • Apr 19, 2018 6:00 pm
  • 55:27 mins

Stories to celebrate Earth Day 2018 Callaloo and the Crab by Bobby Norfolk (2:11) A creation story that highlights how the way the earth has been treated affects society. Learn more about Bobby Norfolk by visiting: Escapee from Civilization by Pete Griffin (16:42) The story how the forget-me-not became Alaska’s state flower. Learn more about Pete Griffin by visiting: Over and Over Again by Fran Stallings (23:30) From her album, "Stories and Songs for a Green Earth", this song is about the cyclic processes of the earth. Learn more about Fran Stallings by visiting: Too Much Help by Fran Stallings (25:48) A group of villagers doesn’t clean up after themselves so when their town gets too dirty or rat-infested to live in they simply pick up and leave without trying to solve the problem, until they meet a old man with magical skills. Sandals by Fran Stallings (35:03) A King in India wants to understand his people more, so he disguises himself and walks on the streets without anything on his feet. Frogs, Guardians of Water by Doug Elliot (41:24) Talks about the creation and how the world used to be lush and full of water, until people and animals took it for granted. All of the animals have a counsel to decide who will be the keeper of the water. The frogs are chosen, but every other animal reminds us in their own way to honor and respect water. Learn more about Doug Elliott by visiting:

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