Social Anxiety at School

Social Anxiety at School

The Lisa Show - Season 1, Episode 12 , Segment 3

S1 E12: Social Anxiety at School

Episode: S1 E12: Social Anxiety at School

  • Dec 28, 2021 9:00 am
  • 15:04 mins

Between homework, sports, trying to fit in, and a million other things, school can be a stressful place. For students that suffer from depression or social anxiety, these stresses are amplified even more. With mental illness issues becoming more recognized among younger generations, how can we be supportive of those students that may be suffering in silence? Our guest today, Dr. Christine Fonseca, has made a great effort in researching solutions to this conflict during her career as an educational psychologist and award-winning author. She is with us today to provide us tips on how we can help our anxious students have positive school experiences.