We're All in This Together
  • Apr 16, 2020 10:00 pm
  • 1:35:32 mins

We’re All in This Together: Voices From Around the World During a Pandemic (Pictured from top left: Cynthia & David, Addo, Teresa, Jean-Luc, Maryn, Jose, Erin, Juan, Anna, Ricardo, Maryam, Michael, Melissa, Arturas, Erika) It’s strange to think that even isolated in our homes and offices during this pandemic, that almost all of humanity is going through the same thing, experiencing the same emotions. We wanted to know how people around the world are coping. How they’re relieving stress. What they’re looking forward to doing again when this is all over. We’re getting some insight into the daily realities of people all over the world right now as we cope with the global pandemic. Cynthia and David Nanto in Japan Addo Samuel in Ghana Teresa Marongiu Settineri in Italy Cherry Leung in China Jean-Luc Butel in Singapore Maryn Tan in France Jose Galdos in Peru Erin Hale in Turkey Juan Mateo in the Dominican Republic Anna Olivas in Spain Ricardo Vanoli in Italy Maryam Naushad in Vietnam Michael Barteling in the Netherlands Melissa Dalton Bradford in Germany Arturas Ratkus in Lithuania Erika Charles in Haiti