Trinkets and Tokens
  • Jun 28, 2016 6:00 pm
  • 55:01 mins

An episode all about STUFF: heirlooms, mementos, memorabilia, collectibles, tokens, souvenirs and the like. In the Apple Seed Office, we have our own collection of mementos from our past adventures that we keep around for good luck: an antique wooden radio, a plush animal we won in an auction at last year’s NSN Conference (that Andy Offutt Irwin lovingly named “Sweetie” for us), and a glass Coke bottle that stands as tribute to some of our past team members. In this hour, enjoy fairy tales and folk tales centered around a special item, showing how a mere trinket can become a true treasure in the right circumstances. The Wishing Ring (1:21) There are lot of famous magical items in the annexes of folklore from King Arthur’s sword to Elvis’ guitar. This first story from Dolores Hydock is about a different kind of magic: the kind we make. To learn more about Dolores Hydock visit The Blue Coat (9:42) Do you have that one item in your closet that you just can't seem to give away? A Jewish folktale that shows how our attachment to things reflects certain memories and eras of our lives. To learn more about Jenni Cargill-Strong visit Iduna and the Magic Apples (16:51) Some people are very particular about the items and objects in their lives. We go through a lot of trouble for our stuff, just like the gods in this Norse myth from Beatrice Bowles. To learn more about Beatrice Bowles visit The King of Little Things (27:09) Life is about the little things-- just like this story about the kings of things and the thick of things from Bil Lepp. To learn more about Bil Lepp visit Paddy & the Pooka (37:36) Sometimes our lucky socks make us play better in the big game, a lucky pencil magically gives us a good grade, and the right instrument can help us play the right song. Having the right stuff is what this story about a musician with a special pair of pipes is all about . To learn more about Kevin Carr visit

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