Nic Chamberlain
  • Sep 15, 2017 2:00 am
  • 54:50 mins
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Obraz może zawieraÄ?: 1 osoba, siedzi i na zewnÄ?trz Audiences have seen Nic Chamberlain supporting the Southern Utah music scene for a long time, playing drums for this band, singing backup vocal for that band, or workshopping tunes with young songwriters. Throughout all of his involvement though, for years he has been a sure-footed songwriter in his own right, giving connected, engaging performances for years as his own frontman. Nic is now touring a new album called "Watch for the Wolves." It's an album on which he played nearly every instrument on every track, and engineered as well. We were happy to have him in the studio for an hour of music and conversation. Songs featured: Our Love; Show Me a Sign; Keep Your Head Down; Mukuntuweap; Save Our Land; Amalickiah v. the Captain; Take Me Back; Product of the Past; From a Slave to a Man; Sailing; Follow Highway 89 on twitter: @byuh89 and on instagram: @byuh89

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