• Nov 16, 2017 7:00 pm
  • 56:58 mins

All stories end. But how a story ends can really shake up your audience especially if their expectations are not met or they aren't prepared for the tie off that occurs. In short, stories may end but closure isn't always hopping alongside it. However, that doesn't weaken a story and sometimes a little ambiguity or something other than "happily ever after" at the finish line can make for a strong and marvelous tale. Frogs' Legs by Charlotte Blake-Alston (1:13) A family reunion where someone brings frogs legs' as a dish turns into an ancestral tale about a slave trying to escape north with the help of a conjuring woman. Learn more about Charlotte Blake-Alston by visiting: Closure Roundtable (24:59) Sam Payne and Apple Seed assistant producers Victoria Hardy and Kassie Schreiber, discuss the topic of endings and closure. The Black Prince by Laura Simms (35:05) A poor boy sits on a wall and every day plays his flute to the princess he loves. He thinks he can only win her hand if he becomes a handsome prince so he makes the efforts to transform into that figure, but things don't turn out the way one might expect. Learn more about Laura Simms by visiting: The Sad Story of Owl by Heather Forest (51:41) Owl courts a pretty bird by night so she doesn’t know what he looks like. When she tells her parents about her shrouded lover they decide to throw a party to see what he really looks like. Learn more about Heather Forest by visiting:

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