Family Photos

Family Photos

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This Week's Best Segments

Episode: This Week's Best Segments

  • Nov 14, 2020 1:17 pm
  • 17:15 mins

You’ve decided this year, is the year. You’ve been putting if off for a while now, but you’re now steadfast in your decision to make it happen—this is the year that you will finally send out a holiday card. The reason that you’ve been dragging your feet on this? Family photos. That’s right, the bane of impatient parents everywhere. One kid’s always cold, one’s too tired to smile, and by the end of the session everyone is whining and you swear that you’re not going to do family photos until they’re all grown up. Fortunately for all of us who struggle with family phots, friend of the show Carrie Ann Rhodes is here to help. Today we’re talking all things family photos and how to make it as seamless and fun as possible.