Ain't Misbehavin'
  • Jul 29, 2020 1:00 am
  • 56:50 mins

We’ve all done things from time to time that we’re less than proud of. Making mistakes is all part of this crazy journey we call life. But at some point we need to decide - are we going to learn from our follies or allow those follies to define us? Now, of course, some might argue that a little misbehavior isn’t such a bad thing. Just as long as nobody gets hurt, right? Perhaps the legendary Actor and Director, Orson Welles, put it best - “I don’t say we ought to all misbehave, but we ought to look as if we could."  Well, today on The Apple Seed we' re bringing you stories featuring characters who just can' t help but misbehave. You’ll hear from Michael McCarty, Willy Claflin, Lynn Ruehlmann, and also Bill Harley.  On today’s episode, enjoy the following: Radio Family Journal: Purple Marker (5:15) In an entry in the Radio Family Journal, Sam reflects upon a memory of sharing a room with his brothers that involves misbehaving and a purple marker. Need we say more? Thank You M'am - Diane Ferlatte (11:42) Diane Ferlatte has shared her talents all over the world in places like India, Istanbul, New Zealand, South Africa, and Malaysia. Proof that her stories speak to audiences of all kinds. And we hope this story, called, " Yes M' am" speaks to you. In it, you' ll hear about a pickpocket who chooses the wrong victim...or maybe it' s the right victim based on the outcome. From her album, Yes Mam, Respect For the Elders, here’s, “Thank You M’am”, by Diane Ferlatte. Revenge - Michael McCarty (5:16) Michael McCarty may have discovered the art of storytelling during a performance by Joel Ben Izzy. But his rich love for stories can really be traced back to his mother who always told him, “If you can read you can do anything!" Well, Michael' s mother, as well as his brother, are key characters in this personal tale of mischief called, " Revenge”. Look What You’ve Done! - Willy Claflin (6:13) Here' s another story to which you'll relate, even if you don't relate to the teller of this story. That's because it's from Willy Claflin's puppet companion, Rocky Raccoon. It seems even puppets can get into mischief from time to time. Here’s their story and song called, "Look What You've Done!" Pipes and Chimes - Lynn Ruehlmann (16:05) Lynn Ruehlmann has been teaching and telling across Virginia and around the world since 1990. Growing up, many of us longed for the day when one of our parents would take us to work with them. We had so many questions about what they did there, so much excitement about feeling a little more grown-up, and perhaps, unintentionally, so many ways to get into trouble. From her album, \_Mischief! Adventures of a Daydreamy Kid, h_ere’s “Pipes and Chimes” from Lynn Ruehlmann. You’re in Trouble - Bill Harley (5:33) We' d like to send you off with a song from Bill Harley. This is from his 2008 Grammy Award-winning album, Yes to Running. It’s a song called “You’re in Trouble”, and it was recorded live in front of an enthusiastic audience of kids and adults, all of whom have likely been in trouble themselves to some degree or another throughout their lives.