Water, Water Everywhere
  • Aug 30, 2016 6:00 pm
  • 57:31 mins

Poet Wallace Stevens once said, “human nature is like water. It takes the shape of its container.” Human beings are made up of water just as much as we are made of stories. So today, we’ve collected stories about water from the tiniest drops to the biggest waves. Frogs, Guardians of the Water A story about the importance of water conservation that shows a little love for the little green guys we call bullfrogs. Doug Elliott is one of our favorite nature storytellers who often mixes naturalism, the sciences and folklore together to create dynamite stories and songs. Learn more about him by visiting www.dougelliott.com Wave This Japanese folktale highlights the importance of community. To learn more about Anne Shimojima, who draws from her Japanese-American heritage to share stories from history and folk traditions, visit www.anneshimojima.com Dead Man’s Float Every childhood can be tied to a big body of water: floating, rafting, swimming, paddling, etc. A river can be the best playground, equal parts magnificent and untameable but always fun to play in. To learn more about Regi Carpenter visit regicarpenter.com Water of Life This folk tale takes a different angle on the life-giving properties of water. To learn more about Motoko visit motoko.folktales.net Jonah, the Real Story The real story of one of the most infamous sea travelers in history. To learn more about Bil Lepp visit www.leppstorytelling.com

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