Writing Forms, Author's Journey, and Reading Habits

Writing Forms, Author's Journey, and Reading Habits

Worlds Awaiting - Season 4, Episode 16

  • May 4, 2019 4:00 pm
  • 57:36 mins
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New Writing Forms (3:43) The way we write physically has changed drastically over the ages. We’ve gone from hieroglyphics etched into stone to ink on scrolls to typewriters and computers. What we write about and how we express our thoughts has also changed over time. Today Steve Graham, a college professor that studies how writing develops, joins Rachel in the studio to chat about new forms of writing. Storytime (15:38) Libraries are known for their storytimes and we are too. Each week at around 15 minutes past the hour, tune in to hear book reviews or live readings of picture books or poetry. Today we have a book review of "I am Human" by Susan Verde.   Author's Journey (19:25) Everyone has their own path, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Today Rachel is on the phone with Author Ariane de Bonvoisin to talk about her journey to becoming a writer.  Reading Habits (34:45) As an adult how long does it take you to develop a new habit? It’s hard to establish a new pattern or way of thinking when you may already be set in your ways. It’s a lot easier when you are taught good habits from a young age. Literacy expert, Marne Isakon is in the studio with Rachel today to help us to delve into creating good reading habits with our young children.  What's Hot? (48:22) Today we are around the Librarians' Table with Kirsti Kirkland from the Provost Elementary School to chat about what's hot in children's books.

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