Last Words

Last Words

The Apple Seed

  • Aug 30, 2017 6:00 am
  • 58:24 mins
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Profound or humorous, exclaimed or left unsaid, last words tell a story that extends far beyond our final moments. Stories and songs included in this episode: One Last Hershel Tale by Joel Ben Izzy (1:30) Joel tells the story of Hershel who continues to joke even on his deathbed. Learn more about Joel Ben Izzy by visiting: Joe Hill's Last Will by John McCutcheon (5:07) Joe Hill, a Swedish immigrant and union organizer, was executed by the state of Utah on November 19th, 1915. Accused of murdering two shopkeepers, Joe’s incarceration raised controversy among the working class, whom Joe had rallied together with his popular picket tunes like, “The Preacher and the Slave.” On the eve of his execution, Hill penned his last will and testament, performed here by famous folk singer John McCutcheon. Learn more about John McCutcheon by visiting: The Old Man and the Drum by Susi Wolf (8:06) An old man comes to the town square each day, banging on his drum, in order to preserve his identity. Learn more about Susi Wolf by visiting: Contagious Stories by Rivka Willick (11:08) A teacher gets the last word when a student tries to best him. Learn more about Rivka Willick by visiting: The Piper's Revenge (Cold Snap) by Simon Brooks (15:34) Danny is trapped by a storm one night and plays a mean prank on the family who won’t let him stay. Thinking he’s getting the last laugh, Danny is surprised when a mysterious foot-less stranger comes knocking on his door. Learn more about Simon Brooks by visiting: The Nightingale by Diane Wolkstein (34:34) A tale about the bird that delivers some final words to an emperor. (For the story Sam mentions in the episode listen to "The Juniper Tree" by Judith Heineman on our recent "Revenge" episode). Learn more about the late Diane Wolkstein by visiting: Promises to Keep by Mary Hamilton (49:17) A young soldier keeps his final promise to his beloved. Learn more about Mary Hamilton by visiting:

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