Jack and the New Ground
  • Oct 2, 2020 1:00 am
  • 56:50 mins

What was your first-ever job? Was it an easy dream job? Or was it hard and tedious? Whatever it was, we can promise it was easier than Jack’s first job, because in today’s story by Tim Lowry, Jack tries to make money for his family by slaying giants for the king. We’ll also hear adventures by Bil Lepp, Sarah Malone, and John McCutcheon. On today’s episode, enjoy the following: “Fire! Fire! Pants on Liar!" by Bil Lepp (12:24) Bil Lepp is a five time champion of the West Virginia’s Lair Contest. Knowing this information, listen to his story about the crazy and dangerous events that occurred when Bil tried to get rid of these wild dogs that kept running through his backyard, and decide for yourself what you think is true and what is fiction. This hilarious story is from a collection called Fire! Fire! Pants on Liar! “Jack and the New Ground” by Tim Lowry (13:58) Tim Lowry tells stories at schools, businesses, festivals, and all kinds of events and thus knows of tales that will please all kinds of folks. This story is one of those tales: it’s about our classic protagonist Jack and the new job he takes slaying giants for the king. It comes from a collection of stories called Mostly Jack Tales. “The Innkeeper’s Clever Daughter” by Noa Baum (11:32) Noa Baum is a well educated, clever lady, having graduated from both Tel Aviv University and New York University. Perhaps that causes her to relate to the heroine in today’s story and why she loves to share it. It’s about an innkeeper’s daughter that solves the most tricky of riddles to save her father’s business, and it hails from a collection of stories called Far Away and Close to Home. “Holding Up the Sky” by Sarah Malone (3:31) Sarah Malone’s love for storytelling and peace has caused her to tell stories for more than thirty years. Today’s story is about Hummingbird who learns that the sky is going to fall and decides that no matter how small she is, she’s going to do her part in holding it up. This story is from a collection of tales called Holding Up the Sky: Peace Tales for Kids which created $30,000 in donations for peaceful causes. "Mail Myself to You" by John McCutcheon (3:28) John McCutcheon’s love for folk music started when he was eleven years old and he watched the March on Washington with his mother on TV. He came to realize that folk music can bring people together and create change. Today’s song is all about bringing people together and remembering how much they really mean to us. It’s part of a collection of stories called This Land: Woodie Guthrie’s America. "Stereotypical Clergy" by Bil Lepp (3:24) In today's final story, Bil Lepp regales us with a tall tale, as only a five-time West Virginia Liar's Contest winner can. It involves a blizzard, a bucket of fried chicken, and a dog named Buck Dog.