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Stressed Generation Z, Freezer Meals and Meal Prep, Health and Wellness Goals

The Lisa Show
  • Jan 24, 2019
  • 01:41:08

Stressed Generation Z (00:00) In their annual report, the American Psychological Association found that 91% of Generation Z said they have physical or emotional symptoms relating to stress, such as anxiety or depression. This makes Generation Z the most stressed generation today by far. Dr. Anthony Rostain and Dr. B. Janet Hibbs talk about what actions can be taken to help these kids and their parents understand and overcome stress. Freezer Meals and Meal Prep (35:09) Beth Moncel from the popular food blog Budget Bytes shares her wisdom about freezer meals and meal prep. She helps us understand the benefits to freezer meals and what kind of foods freeze best. Learn why meal prepping is so popular and how you can start implementing these food prepping strategies in your own life. Health and Wellness Goals (50:36) Are you struggling to keep your health and wellness goals? Jeanette Bennett walks us through the best way to ease yourself into healthy habits. She teaches us how to set ourselves up for success and to not shoot too high. Growing Your Business (1:04:59) Business guru Jeanette Bennett talks about how she has built her own business and what helped her in that process. Don’t Agree to Disagree (1:25:53) Dr. Cannon Thomas, assistant clinical professor at University of California, talks about the downside of compromising and how we can find a better way to interact with those we disagree with. Show More...

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