Eating Weird
  • Aug 17, 2020 7:00 pm
  • 52:42 mins

Eat the Fish! Guest: Alex Fogg, Coastal Resource Manager, Okaloosa County, Florida Since before 2000, lionfish have been invading the Atlantic. They are now one of the most destructive invasive species in the world. And we let them in. But they're delicious and easy to catch, and you can sign up for a lionfish derby and fish all you want. If You Can’t Beat ‘em, Eat ‘em Guests: Thomas Tennant, Chef, Tomfoodery Kitchen; Sophie O’Hehir, Research Officer, Grand Cayman Department of Environment There's a bounty on green iguanas in the Cayman Islands, and the Department of Environment has paid out millions to reduce the plague of the invasive species. Chef Thomas Tennant takes it from there and fries up the reptiles and make tasty empanadas and confits out of them.  Ike Jime: The Delicious Way to Kill Fish Guest: Andrew Tsui, President, Ike Jime Federation The Ike Jime method, the most humane way to kill a fish, also creates a product that can age to perfection.