S2 E26: An Evening with Storyteller Antonio Sacre

The Apple Seed - Season 2, Episode 26

  • Aug 11, 2022 12:00 pm
  • 52:50 mins

Today's episode features an entire hour of stories from storyteller Antonio Sacre, who joined us with our live studio audience to record these stories. The stories you'll hear today are part of his award winning album "World's Second-Best Dad". Antonio Sacre is a long time friend and favorite of The Apple Seed, and we are thrilled to share his stories with you in this episode. (01:34) Antonio Sacre shares a story about his children who discover their very first rainbow. However, the circumstance of finding the rainbow makes it a little hard for the children to fully appreciate it, and he must find a way to solve their problem, while in the middle of traffic. (07:06) Antonio Sacre shares a family story about the time they took a road trip down to see his grandma. On the way down, they come up with all sorts of games to entertain themselves, and they come across things that only their imaginations can dream of. What truly lies at Pedro's South of the Border? (22:47) Living in Los Angeles, Antonio's son never had seen snow before. When he heard stories about how much fun snow can be, he wanted to see it for himself. This story is the fun-filled trip that Antonio and his family take so his son can see snow for the first time, and the chaos that unfolds with it. (33:59) Antonio shares a story about the time his son learned about Moby Dick, and how that inspired a whale watching vacation for their family. After all the amazing events that unfold, his son declares him as the "second best dad in the world". What would make him the best dad? Listen to this story to find out. (46:2) This last story is a short story from Antonio Sacre about his childhood teddy bear. Stuffed animals are usually precious gems for children as they grow up, and it is always devastating when they get lost. This story is about one of the times Antonio lost his stuffed teddy bear.