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Family Stories from the Crossroads Stories Workshop

The Apple Seed
  • Oct 18, 2016
  • 56:15
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Story Crossroads is an annual Utah-based storytelling organization that brings house shows, workshops, and a spring festival to the residents of the Salt Lake area. In this episode, we feature some of the family stories told at a recent Story Crossroads workshop, as well as some familiar favorites from well-known tellers. To learn more about Story Crossroads visit Stories included in this episode: Family Vacations in Zion National Park Storyteller Dan Eastman shares his family story, jam-packed with mayhem. There are times when "you're gonna need a grown-up for that." Ketchum Family River Journey Adam Booth's storytelling style has deep roots in the mountains and hills of West Virginia. To learn more about Adam visit Covering A story about learning some lessons the hard way... To learn about more Jan Smith visit Sears Roebuck Baby Fran Yardley tells this funny favorite. Jewish Rosary Beads A historical story of recovery, faith, and healing. To learn more about Kate Dudding visitĀ Long Distance Grandmother No matter how far she is, Grandma is always there for you. You can find Angie Lund on the Utah Storytelling Guild website Show More...

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