Stories of the Americas
  • Aug 4, 2016 6:00 pm
  • 56:50 mins

Stories from cultural traditions all over North and South America. Wolf (A Blackfoot Indian Tale) Accompanied by The Real Myth Ensemble, Laura Simms shares a Blackfoot Indian tale about loyalty and friendship. To learn more about Laura Simms visit Party in the Sky Recorded before a live audience, Antonio Rocha shares a story that his mother told him during his childhood in Brazil. Listen closely to all the animal impressions, and it's easy to imagine how Antonio's storytelling performances are heavily influenced by his energetic mime work. To learn more about Antonio Rocha visit The Devil and the Farmer's Wife It takes a certain kind of woman to stand up to the Devil in this traditional Appalachian tale. To learn more about Tim Lowry visit Opossum and Coyote Captivated by stories her Mexican grandmother and father would tell, Olga Loya has absorbed the secrets of memory, family, and tradition to create stories that connect audiences to each other and to Latino culture. To learn more about Olga Loya visit How Wildcat Caught a Turkey(../../../episode/3465a3d0-3397-4205-abb2-64dca74e9dee? playhead=2364&autoplay=true) Cherokee storyteller and educator Joseph Stands With Many utilizes the lessons from his Native American heritage to share lessons and values through folktales like this one. To learn more about Joseph Stands With Many visit Uncle Rabbit and Uncle Tiger To ends this episode, we have one last tale from Olga Loya from Nicaragua. Notice how Rabbit is a common trickster figure in traditions all over the Americas.

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