Animal Stories
  • Oct 18, 2013 6:00 pm
  • 58:07 mins

Our thirty-fifth episode features animal tales: Donna Washington Story 1: Brer Possum and the Frogs Teller: Donna Washington Website: Notes: The cunning Brer Possum is seemingly out smarted by the frogs he intends to catch. Little do the frogs know that Brer Possum has a few tricks up his sleeve. Priscilla Howe Story 2: Fox and Hedgehog Teller: Priscilla Howe Website: Notes: A tale about a curious fox who, in traditional Bulgarian storytelling, is commonly referred to as Lisa. Ed Stivender Story 3: Princess and the Frog Teller: Ed Stivender Website: Notes: A comedic retelling of the classic Grimm Brother's fairy tale. Tim Lowry Story 4: Buh Gator Meet Trouble Teller: Tim Lowry Website: Notes: (Based on the tales of Brer Rabbit) A gator agrees to spend the day with a cunning rabbit and trouble ensues. The Storycrafters Story 5: Donkey and Toad Teller: The Storycrafters Website: Notes: A traditional Jamaican story of two close friends who chose to compete against one another. Diane Ferlatte Story 6: Brer Rabbit's Dance Teller: Diane Ferlatte Website: Notes: Brer Rabbit is hungry and lies his way inside a farmers garden, with some unintended consequences of course.