Peculiar People
  • Jan 5, 2017 7:00 am
  • 58:27 mins

We listen to a lot of folk tales and fairy tales in our line of work, and some of them become as familiar as old friends. Getting to know the world of fable the way that we have, there are some conventions that tend to stick out. So today, we’ve got some stories for you that surround some very strange, eccentric, and unforgettable characters. Stories included in this episode: Jack and Auntie Ugly In this story by Octavia Sexton, our favorite hero, Jack, comes up against one of his strangest opponents-- a gnarly mountain woman who is reported to have gone without a bath for 200 years. Learn more about Octavia Sexton by visiting The Beaming Maiden An Alaskan folk tale about a “dazzling” maiden and an “ice hearted” chief told by the talented Beatrice Bowles. Learn more about Beatrice by visiting The Standing Stones An Arthurian tale with echoes of Merlin, and a legendary curse, a life-long mystery, and the strangeness of certain storytellers. To learn more about Dan Keding visit Mermaid's Revenge This story just has a lot of good mysteries in it, some allusions to Creole folklore, and a town full of enigmatic people. Find more of Brian "Fox" Ellis' work by visiting

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