Jambalaya Eight
  • Mar 5, 2014 7:00 pm
  • 54:32 mins

Stories featured in this episode: Simon Brooks Story 1: The Story Untold, Song Unsung Teller: Simon Brooks Site: www.diamondscree.com Notes: A tale of fire, love and the importance of storytelling. Mitch Capel Song 1: The Spelling Bee Teller: Mitch Capel Site: www.gjbug.com Notes: Mitch Capel's retelling of the classic Paul Laurence Dunbar poem.  Laura Pershin Raynor Story 3: The Haunted House Teller: Laura Pershin Raynor Site: www.lpraynor.com Notes: A story about mischief, mothers, best friends and maybe even a little bit of murder. Bob Reiser Story 4: Up, Up and Away Teller: Bob Reiser Site: www.bobtales.com Notes: As a young boy living in Brooklyn, NY, Bob Reiser would dream of his hero.  Jenni Cargill-Strong Story 5: Kondili the Whale Teller: Jenni Cargill-Strong Site: www.storytree.com.au Notes: The story of how whales came to be.