Utah Chamber Artists
  • Nov 28, 2012 3:00 am
  • 52:07 mins

We fit our 40 chairs and 40 singers into the studio for the pleasure of hearing the Utah Chamber Artists perform LIVE!  Based out of Salt Lake City, the choir is well-known throughout the Wasatch Front and also has a national and international reputation. They have performed with the Israel Chamber Orchestra as well as on national public radio. Barlow Bradford is the Artistic Director of the Utah chamber Artists and the Director of Choral Studies at the University of Utah. Rebecca Durham is the Executive Director.  Steven Kapp Perry chats with Barlow Bradford about his transition from organist to conductor and the caliber of the choir. The Utah Chamber Artists are: Jared Pierce (piano); and singers Ali Engebretsen; Andrew Luker; Annette Hatch Nichols; Barbara Gill; Bob Aamodt; Bob Stevens; Cami Mower; Cami Talbot; Carter Durham; Cassie Lombardi; Dallas Graham; Darin Carter; David Hansen; David Layton; Erin Gehrig; Fiona Judd; Jared Gunnerson; Joel Longhurst; John Bonner; Kent Gregory; Kristin Youngberg; Laura Durham; Linda Bergstrom; Lisa Walz; Matt Hope; Melinda Kirgin-Voss; Melissa Dawson; Renel Rytting; Rita Felt; Rob Baskin; Robert Lochhead; Shauna Ruske; Shawnette Abraham; Susan Benett Nichols; Suzie Clark; Tyler Koefed; Valerie Christensen; Wes Eldredge, Hal Mauchley.  Follow Highway 89 on twitter @byuH89