Long Form: The Storycrafters and Len Cabral

The Apple Seed
  • Aug 31, 2015 6:00 pm
  • 17:58

Stories included in this episode: The Storycrafters Story: The Fisherman's Son & the Gruagach of Tricks Teller:  Barbara McBride-Smith Site: Notes: Barry Marshall, and Jeri Burns, PhD have been working together as The Storycrafters since 1991, and have been storytellers for even longer than that. In addition to being nationally renowned storytellers, they are award-winning radio show hosts, recording artists, writers, and the parents of a fiddle-playing, tapdancing classical singer who accompanies them whenever his busy schedule allows. Their creative work as storytellers is rivaled by their creativity in making child-care arrangements for their busy lives as a ‘family on the road’. Len Cabral Story: The Snail with the Silver Shell Teller:  Len Cabral Site: Notes: Len Cabral is an internationally acclaimed storyteller who has been enchanting audiences with his storytelling performances at schools, libraries, museums and festivals since 1976. A great grandson of a Cape Verdean whaler whose grandparents immigrated to America from the islands off the coast of West Africa, Len’s strong Cape Verdean ancestry comes alive in his exuberant retelling of African, Cape Verdean, and Caribbean folktales as well as original stories and tales from around the world.