• Aug 21, 2018 1:00 pm
  • 30:56 mins

Dr. Valerie J. Harwood, Professor of Biology and Chair at University of South Florida. Dr. Harwood’s laboratory focuses on water quality and is best known for its work on microbial source tracking. One of Dr. Harwood’s major areas of expertise is microbial source tracking (MST), which endeavors to determine the source(s) of fecal pollution in water. Each year, scientist and doctors change flu vaccinations in order to protect people from the newest mutated strands of the flu.  The Flu and Cold season is in full swing and is expected to peak early in the New Year.  Bacteria, like viruses become more resistant to the medicine and treatments that we have today. How does bacteria and viruses become resistant and how are they introduced to the environment?  Dr. Valerie J. Harwood explains.