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Apple vs. FBI, Evolution of Moral Outrage, Louder Than Words

The Matt Townsend Show
  • Mar 19, 2016 4:00 pm

Apple vs. FBI Neil R. Wyler (a.k.a. Grifter) is an Information Security Engineer and Researcher located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Neil is currently with RSA Security as an Advanced Security Operations Specialist. He has spent over 15 years as a security professional, focusing on vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, physical security, and incident response. He has been a staff member of the Black Hat Security Briefings for over 13 years and is a member of the Senior Staff at DEF CON. Neil has spoken at numerous security conferences worldwide, including Black Hat, DEF CON, and the RSA Conference. Neil shares his thoughts on the ongoing legal battle between Apple and the FBI.  Listen to the interview here Evolution of Moral Outrage  Jillian Jordan, a Ph.D candidate if psychology at Yale University. Her recent article, “Evolution of moral outrage: I’ll punish your bad behavior to make me look good” discusses the theory behind human morality and our motivations in our drive for success. We all know that one guy in the office who will do anything to be in the spotlight. The guy who calls others out on their productivity, the first to volunteer for a project- So how does a manager differentiate between a simple brown-noser and an employing truly seeking to excel in their work and has the company's best interest in mind. The lines can get a little blurry. Jillian Jordan explains her research.  Listen to the interview here  Louder Than Words  Todd Henry teaches leaders and organizations how to establish practices that lead to everyday brilliance. He is the author of three books , and he speaks and consults across dozens of industries on creativity, leadership, and passion for work. His latest book, "Louder Than Words," is about how to develop an authentic voice that resonates and creates impact.  Listen to the interview here