Continents Divide
  • Jun 22, 2020 6:00 pm
  • 52:47 mins

Is a New Ocean Forming? Guest: Erik Klemetti, Volcanologist and Associate Professor, Geosciences, Denison University Continental rift in East Africais splitting the continent in two, and one day there may be a new ocean in the gap. It would only take a few million years to form.  Pangea Ultima Guest: Christopher Scotese, Emeritus Professor, Earth & Environmental Sciences, University of Texas at Arlington, and Director, PALEOMAP Project Thanks to modern technology, we can see just what the Earth's continents used to look like, and predict where they might move next. Ötzi the Iceman Guest: Patrick Hunt, Archaeologist, Stanford University; Expeditions Expert, National Geographic; and Research Associate, Archaeoethnobotany, Institute for the Ethnomedicine Found half-burried in the Italian Alps, Ötzi the Iceman is among the oldest human beings ever discovered—dating back 5,300 years. Since his initial discovery in 1991, researchers have been piecing together his mysterious life and death. Alpine archaeologist and Ötzi expert Patrick Hunt weighs in on his compelling history.