The Great American Eclipse
  • Aug 25, 2017 6:00 am
  • 57:42 mins

We wanted to bring you with us to Rexburg, Idaho, for the first annual Teton Storytelling and Art Festival. It’s always a special thing, when a new storytelling festival is born, and this one came to life under the organizational hand of Jackie Rawlins, Tisha Flora, and Rob Burns. The idea of a storytelling festival came together around the inevitable influx of visitors to Rexburg surrounding the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse: The Great American Eclipse, as people called it. Bringing you stories from that festival and audio recordings of people attending the eclipse, the segments included in this episode are: Noodling Story by Kim Weitkamp (1:52) Kim's story about an interesting relative. Learn more about Kim Weitkamp by visiting: Second Segment (29:00) Start of the second segment wherein Sam talks with several people about their experiences with past eclipses, along with sharing some of the audio he caught from the crowd during the phases of totality. Omar and Lori Hansen (40:56) A selkie story they performed at the Teton Storytelling and Art Festival. Learn more about Omar and Lori Hansen by visiting: