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Ancient Household Relics Tell Big Stories

Constant Wonder
  • May 8, 2020 6:00 pm
  • 50:34

Surprising Lessons from Ancient Toilets Guest: Jennifer Bates, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Archaeology, University of Pennsylvania Rembrandt probably smoked in the loo. We know that from studying the remains in his toilet, which sounds disgusting but actually reveals secrets about international trade, global health, social status, and family relationships.  Prehistoric Sippy Cups Guest: Julie Dunne, Biomolecular Archaeologist, University of Bristol Prehistoric parents used sippy cups in animal shapes, not unlike our plastic versions. These cups and baby bottles may have led to a baby boom, which prompted mass migration across Europe. Who knew? What 5,700-Year-Old Gum Tells Us About the People Who Chewed It Guest: Hannes Schroeder, Associate Professor, Archaeology, GLOBE Institute, University of Copenhagen How DNA found in 5,700-year-old chewed birch pitch can reveal the physical appearance and eating habits of ancient people.