Superstitions, Instagram, Internships, Moms, Fundraising, Self-Branding

The Lisa Show - Radio Archive, Episode 179

  • May 28, 2019 4:00 pm
  • 1:40:13 mins

Superstitions (00:00) Happy national lucky penny day! Today we celebrate the superstition that has people everywhere picking up pennies that they find on the ground for a day of luck. This is just one of many superstitions that influence people every day. Dr Ken Drinkwater & Dr Neil Dagnall work together studying anomalous psychology and apects of behavior. They are with us today to tell us about the science of superstitions.  Instagram's New Look (18:25) We have good news. No longer do you have to spend hours perfecting your photos to post on Instagram. In fact, you might have a greater impact simply by posting an unfiltered picture of yourself in your pajamas, cookies in hand. Ryan Skidmore is the Digital Marketing Director for Big Leap. He joins us to talk about the new Instagram aesthetic, influencers, and how social media continues to evolve.  Internships (33:30) The internship nightmare is an 8 hour day making coffee runs, copying documents and answering phone calls. So, how can our kids get the internship they want in a place where they can make a contribution? Justin Jones is the Career Development Manager at BYU Career Services. He joins us to talk about finding and securing internships and how our kids can make them a rewarding experience.  Stay-At-Home Moms (49:34) A recent study by, found that the salary of a stay-at-home mom is valued at around a hundred thousand dollars. I don’t know anyone that would argue that being a stay at home mom is hard work, but there’s seems to be a cultural pushback to it now-a-days. Here to talk to us about the value and struggles of being a stay at home mom is Dixie Andeline Forsyth, author of Fascinating Womanhood for the Timeless Woman.    Fundraising for Good Causes (1:03:47) There are so many terrible things going on in the world, and we all acknowledge that, but we often wonder what in the world we could possibly do to help? We see issues going on all over the world with natural disasters, political problems, starvation, and more. This can be overwhelmingly discouraging, and finding a way to make an impact is difficult. Aubree Davis is a college student who has found a way to change the world through fundraising. May is National Arthritis Month, and last year one of her fundraisers was for arthritis. She joins us today to discuss how we can change the world within our own circles of influence. Self-Branding (1:21:17) Creating a personal brand can be a daunting task but in today’s evolving job market, it’s an essential part of expanding your career. Jon Ferarra has been named one of Forbe’s top 10 social CEOs for his CRM software service, Nimble. He’s with us this morning to talk about why having a strong personal brand can be helpful.

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