Fascinated By You
  • Dec 17, 2020 1:00 am
  • 56:50 mins

People come in all shapes and sizes and are absolutely fascinating to listen to and learn from if you are paying real attention. Hope is all around us, especially in the lives of good people made good because they choose good things when they think no one is watching. Today, we want to watch a little more closely. While the stories being told are mostly fictional, their meanings are true, and their tellers are real. Pay attention to what these stories might tell you about our tellers, and let each story point you to a bright future full of bright people like them. On today's episode, enjoy the following: "The Blue Rose" by Jill Lamede from Stories From the Tintagel Storyteller (10:40) In our first story, storyteller, writer, and actress Jill Lamede, also known as the Tintagel Storyteller, tells a story of a beloved princess, whose father decrees that it is time for her to marry. In her resistance, she commits to marry the first man who will bring her a true-blue rose. Lean in to hear if there is any hope for the princess and her love in Jill’s "The Blue Rose", from her album Stories from the Tintagel Storyteller. "Recycled Poetry" by Finn Bille from Marzipan – Stories with Music (15:32) Storyteller and poet Finn Bille, also a Chattanooga, Tennessee resident, collaborates with Central Texas Storytelling Guild member, Rick Davis, in this delightful story on poetry. They tell of a man who, after tossing a frustrating, half-baked poem into the recycling bin, finally finds inspiration for how to move his poem forward. The tricky thing is… the recycling truck has already carried away his poem draft! Join in with Rick and Finn as they regale us with this poet’s chase after his recycled poem in order to bring it home and fix it up! Here is "Recycled Poetry", from Finn’s album Marzipan – Stories with Music. "Rudy & the Roller Skate" by Dan Keding from The Gypsy Wagon and Other Neighborhood Tales (20:44) International storyteller and author, Dan Keding, tells of how his childhood longing for a dog morphs into canine fame on roller skates! Chuckle along to Dan’s relationship with this special dog as you listen to "Rudy & the Roller Skate", from Dan’s album The Gypsy Wagon and Other Neighborhood Tales. Radio Family Journal: "A Thousand Words" (5:22) Sam shares a memory about a Christmas where his family decided everyone would exchange gifts they made themselves. It's today's entry in his Radio Family Journal.