German Ambassador

German Ambassador

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Panama Papers, American Religiosity, German Ambassador

Episode: Panama Papers, American Religiosity, German Ambassador

  • Apr 11, 2016 9:00 pm
  • 17:36 mins

Guest: Peter Wittig, German Ambassador to the United States  A deal between the European Union and Turkey went into effect one week ago. About 200 refugees were loaded onto boats in Greece and sent back to Turkey. But further deportations are on hold while Greek authorities attempt to process thousands of asylum applications. The looming threat of deportation may be having the intended effect of keeping refugees from attempting the dangerous boat trip to Greece. The Associated Press reports that just 18 refugees entered Greece by sea in the last 24 hours – which is down from the thousands that were coming daily at the peak of the crisis in October.  Getting to Germany has been the goal of many – maybe even the majority – of migrants fleeing war and poverty in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other countries.