Reality, History, and Stress Management

Reality, History, and Stress Management

Worlds Awaiting - Season 3, Episode 25

  • Oct 10, 2018 7:00 pm
  • 57:26 mins
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Preparing Children (4:03) The world can be a daunting place for children, teens, and even us as adults. We need to be able to prepare our children for what’s out there and help them build skills that will help them survive in the workplace. Patty Alper is the author and founder of Teach to Work; a mentor program to help children gain the skills to be successful in the workforce. Storytime (18:41) Libraries are known for their storytimes and we are too. Each week at 15 minutes past the hour, tune in to hear book reviews or live readings of books or poetry. Today voice actor and host of Screen Cleaning on BYU Radio Jeff Simpson reads a segment from L. Frank Baum's fantastical story The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Author Matt Phelan (22:56) As the age-old expression goes, “If you don’t learn from history, you are doomed to repeat it.” However, it can be difficult to get kids interested in learning about history. One way to make history fun is through historical fiction books with fun stories. Matt Phelan is an author and illustrator of picture books and graphic novels that can educate as much as they entertain. He is known for Snow White, Around the World, and Knights vs. Dinosaurs. Stress Relief (35:38) Physical education can be hit and miss with students. Those who are more athletic may enjoy it more than others. But we can all agree that PE benefits students in more ways than one. David Barney is a professor of teaching at BYU. He has taught Phys Ed in high schools and researched the connection between activity and stress among children and young adults. Story Plots (46:03) Today we are around the Librarians' Table with Emily and Taylor of the BYU Harold B. Lee Library. They continue a discussion with Rachel about editing, this time in regards to plot. How important are plot holes and do different genres require higher standards of story?

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