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Talking to Trees, War of the Worlds, Citizen Kane

Constant Wonder
  • Nov 22, 2019
  • 01:40:39

Talking to Trees Guest: William Bryant Logan, faculty of New York Botanical Gardens, author of multiple books, including his newest, "Sprout Lands: Tending the Endless Gift of Trees" The act of pruning trees to both care for them and benefit from them is being lost. Pollarding and other related practices used to provide us with the means to make living fences, diversify our forests and feed our families without simply destroying the trees. A return to these principles might just remind us of what our relationship with our world should really be like. The Wonder of Trees (Originally Aired on: September 3, 2019) Guest: Mike Rutter, Adjunct Professor, English, Brigham Young University, and nature photographer Why you need to try looking at the world like a tree. Also the smell of rattlesnakes and how bears measure the competition. Orson Welles' Media Myths Guest: Michael Socolow, Associate Professor, Communications, University of Maine The infamous "War of the Worlds" broadcast of 1938 never produced the mass hysteria the history books claim. Citizen Kane Guest: Harlan Lebo, author, "Citizen Kane: A Filmmaker's Journey" The making of "Citizen Kane," long recognized as one of the greatest films ever made, has a story as interesting and convoluted as the movie itself. Show More...

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